Dimitris Panagiotopoulos, was working in another winery in the area for several years, where he enjoying making wine and acquiring valuable experience. However, being an employee, he couldn’t produce the wines of his choice and belief.

In 1982, along with his father, an experienced winegrower, they decided to make their dream come true. They assembled a trustworthy team of people, and each one of them contributed his experience and knowledge in order to accomplish their shared goal.

Shortly before vine harvest of 2005, the estate had its own winery, ready to receive its first grapes and visitors. The path was set…

His experience in the winemaking industry, allows Dimitris Panagiotopoulos to transmute his love for the grapevine and the wine into a bottle. His patience and his attentiveness drive him to produce high quality, with “sense of place” wines and allow him to gaze into the future with hope.