Messinia is a region in the southeastern tip of Peloponnese. It is a region with a peculiar landscape formed by Taygetus and the Arcadian mountains, carved by the rivers Pamissos, Neda and their tributaries. A region with several beaches looking on the Ionian Sea and the Messinian Gulf and several “Natura” protected areas.

Messinia has also a huge cultural heritage to demonstrate, with findings from the Neolithic and the Mycenaean period and traces of the first independent Greece of the 19th century; If nothing else these prove the constant presence of humans in the area, from prehistoric times to the present day.

All these features coexist in harmony in an area of 3.000 square kilometers, creating a destination attracting thousands of visitors each year. I addition, these visitors discover and enjoy the culinary wonders of Messenia, tasting local delicacies made with fish, meat, cheese as well as traditional products such as olives, olive oil and wine. In fact, the last three agricultural products serve as a link between cultures of the past and the present.